Wednesday, 30 April 2008

I live in London, England

Blogging is supposed to be saved for people who are married or on a mission.  At least that is what I always thought.  Now that I am so far from home, I actually feel like I am on a mission, so I think it counts.  The weather in London today reminds me of the Michael Buble song "London Town."  No seriously, it's foggy and rainy everyday.  Granted, I really have only been here about 2.5 days, but still.  The report on doesn't look very promising.  I'm not even mad though.  It just makes the experience that much better.  You should have seen us four girls walking aimlessly and lost around in the rain and wind yesterday.  Our white tennis shoes and mini backpacks are just screaming tourists.  A few girls in the group want to actually try and fit in with the locals, but not me.  I would rather be comfortable and look like a tourist than wear something that is getting wet with cute, uncomfortable shoes and hair that used to be cute.  No thanks. I will be sporting the tourist look the next 6 weeks of my life.  And I love it.