Friday, 25 July 2008

Can't get enough.

I can't get enough of summer. WOW I just never want it to end! So yesterday was Pioneer Day. Only in Utah. It was great though because everybody had work off and it's basically just another reason to do fireworks. It seems like Spanish Fork can always find a reason. Anyway, for our Pioneer Day my roommate and I floated down the Provo River with a bunch of people. I think the water was around 15 degrees. Seriously, I was freezing the entire way. I wouldn't even let my legs/feet touch the water....and we were only using those single, black, rubber tubes! It was pretty intense, but a lot of fun. Afterwards we went to Stans Diner and got burgers. They have this pastrami burger that is just to die for. Then we invited ourselves over to my friend Brady's house to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" because he has DVR. Nice. For our night festivities we went 80's dancing at Area 51 in Salt Lake. Of course we had to get all dressed up. I only had 4 minutes to get ready so I had to go really fast, but it turned out great. It was way fun! I can only go 80's dancing like once every year and a half though. It's not something I would want to do every Thursday. This morning I had work at 10. (I work at a little kiosk in the mall called Paez...they are shoes from Argentina). I sold 4 pair of shoes in 3 hours!! I was so proud of myself! The only thing was that I still don't know how to use the register so I had to have the boy who works at "Flirty Aprons" help me. Anyway, tonight there is a dance party to benefit breast cancer. You know I'm supporting that.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Even sweeter after dark...

So summer is still awesome. I seriously can't even think of what I have done the last week. It's weird. All the days just blend together as one massive ball of fun. Last weekend I went on a date with Brady to see Batman (which was great...but long), and afterwards we went to Chatters (same as In n' Out), then went to the lake! It was night and it was a full moon so the lake was amazing! It was way fun. We also like to take motorcycle rides up the canyon and it's beautiful!! Saturday night I went on a date to the American Fork carnival. That was different. I never knew Utah was so....what's the word? I really don't think there is a word for whatever these people are. Anyway, last night I planned a reunion with my friends from London. We ate at Goodwood then came back to my apartment and made crepes and watched the video of pictures I made. It was so fun!!! I love those girls. Every time we get together it's just like a huge party! We are always laughing and it's tons of fun. I am being an EFY counselor starting on Monday and I am really nervous. Because it's one of the last sessions, they aren't having a training session for the counselors and it's REALLY stressing me out!!! I need a training session! I have never been a counselor before haha! It's going to be awesome though! I hope I am the counselor that every girl wishes they had. I am coming home on August 5 for Lauren's wedding. I still can't believe she is getting married. WEIRD! And Camille is having a baby in 2 months what? I need to step up my game. I'm falling behind in the world of my friends! But its ok because I love my life!!!!!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

I want to marry summer time!!

I REALLY really love summer!! I don't think there is anybody in this world who enjoys the summer more than myself. California was a ton of fun! I love hanging out with my family. I pretty much just love my life!! We have been hanging out and doing something every single day and night and I love it! My roommate Carrie and I are on kind of a weird sleeping schedule. We can't really go to bed before 3:30 am. On Thursday we went to The Roots (they are kind of old school hip hop) concert in Salt Lake City. It was at an outdoor venue and it was seriously a great time! Afterwards we got a ton of Wendy's and went and ate it buy a fountain. Good times. Last night we went to a jersey party. Oh man it was insane! I wore an old school Michael Jordan jersey. You know it was the coolest one there. Carrie put two french braids on both sides of my head and made my hair look awesome!! It was such a fun night!! Today I think we are going to the pool and work on our tans, only to party it i up again tonight! I have the best life!!